an introduction to
the world of bespoke

an introduction to
the world of bespoke

Unlimited Possibilities

We open the doors to a world full of possibilities, limited only by imagination.

We started our venture with the idea that the hats are for everyone along with the desire to create a hat for everybody. We took the idea further into the bespoke concept, where we value, above all, your own vision.

Own Vision

We could start from a single line on a paper, from a colour or a texture. We would like to find out all the details that matter, all the emotions and experiences that will contribute together to the creation of a shape and style. We are taking the measurements carefully, discuss and analyze. We dedicate all the necessary time to the process of creation and realization, without compromises. And our promise is a hat that fits perfectly.

A unique creation which can reflect the passion, the thoughts, the own lifestyle. A statement about the personality of the one who is wearing it.

An accessory that will add the finishing touch to your outfit.

Because you dare to be different.

Because you wish something that can represent you.

Inspiration comes from anywhere, and in our workshop any idea can be brought to life.

We accept, with curiosity, every challenge.

Every project is unique, as well as any of our customers, and we are aware of this.
This is why we invite you to talk and discover exactly the particularities that can outline, in the most natural way, the perfect hat. Created with extremelly high touch, handmade, with the highest quality materials.

The attention to detail is what defines our work.

Find more about the meaning of bespoke concept in Iorgoni workshop and all about the way that we can create, together, a unique hat.

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