About Iorgoni

Iorgoni is a story about refinement and culture, a story in which we wish that our products to appear both modern for the day, and at the same time laden with history, giving the brand a stamp of timelessness.

Iorgoni story began in 2014, right at the bottom of Retezat mountains, in Hațeg country, where Radu and Alin started creating the hat brand that bears their name. We can say that we inherited the experience and the passion for hats, since we were children, from our grandmother who had the necessary patience of teaching us the secrets of this craft.

Most of our inspiration comes from old times fashion which motivates us to transform it into a new art, bringing harmony to the classic lines by associating them with modern accessories.

Hats are accessories which have received various associations for centuries. Men who wear hats are elegant, women mysterious, and the list does not end here. Therefore, from the moment we started and manufactured our first hat, our desire was to leave out all the interpretations and to let Iorgoni hats to tell a beautiful story.

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